William Alan Thomas – Author

Website Development

We did a complete redesign of the layout on the site, brought the site into line with accepted standards for Web 2.0 compliant websites. We included a mobile version as his previous website had a lackluster mobile experience.

This project was built upon an already existing Word Press installation with years of blog posts and pages that the client wanted to re-use. We added social embeds so the client could schedule events such as book signings on their Facebook and it would appear on the website.

The clients SEO configuration was also lacking so we completed a overhaul of the pages as they were not being crawled with appropriate data to help boost the relevancy score. As a final touch, all links going to Amazon now have a specialized embed so that the client is making money when people visit amazon from his website. Adding an additional revenue stream for the client that was not being utilized.

Developer: Justin Bowman